Just How Profitable is Erotic Fiction?

Take a quick spin around the Kindle Top 100 and you’re likely to notice that the romance/erotic fiction genre seems a little over represented. Well, is it? Really?

I’m not talking about just the infamous E L James trilogy, I’m talking about an epidemic of female oriented word-porn that includes titles like “Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2),” “Stepdad, Teach Me To Masturbate,” and “Babysitter’s Desire.”

As I write this, I count at least 14 of the Top 100 paid books on Kindle fall into the romance/erotic fiction genre, ranging from soft-core to Fifty Shades (based on my very unscientific process of scrolling through and looking at the covers). If anything, I probably missed a few…

That said, it’s clear that a certain type of reader is eating this shit up. And there just so happens to a helluva lot of this certain type of reader.

As a writer who has spent the past 2.5 years writing literary fiction that may never be published, I’ve gotta admit that I am pretty curious just how lucrative the erotic fiction category really is.

Still, I never really considered investing the time to try my hand a word-smut. At least not until I found out that I may know someone in the business…

It pays to know someone. It just does. That’s why there are some many popular expressions to that effect, such as:

“It’s who you know.” Or,

“It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” Or my personal favorite,

“It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.”

While no blowjobs have been exchanged at this point (I don’t think I’ve sunk that low just yet), this person has assured me that:

1. The books published in this space are horridly written, with embarrassing premises and bad grammar. That anyone with a libido and a pulse could write this shit.

2. These authors are getting paid real money. I’m not talking quit your job money, necessarily, but pay cash for a new car money.

So, yeah… I’m considering writing a smut book over the Christmas holiday. If I do, I’ll share what I find about the accessibility/cash money in this genre.

One thing I won’t do is give you any way to trace my Kindle smut book back to me… cuz that’s just weird.


3 responses to “Just How Profitable is Erotic Fiction?

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